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The Source Peru retreat center outdoor stone plunge pool with waterfall lilies and mountain view


Cold Plunge

Located outside the temazcal, near the temple and outdoor covered space, the refreshing cold plunge is filled with water channeled from the Sirenachayocc waterfall located above the property. Cold plunges are now all the rage and for good reason - the mental and physical benefits are scientifically proven. A dip in this cold plunge at 10,000 feet in the heart of the Sacred Valley is, literally, next level.

Sweat Lodge

The purpose built dome-shaped sweat lodge can hold up to 20 people seated around the central stone pit.

Sweat ceremonies conducted according to local traditions are based on healing through steam produced by pouring a herbal infusion over large heated stones. The mixture is prepared the night before the ceremony and consists of many herbs - including eucalyptus, molle, hampi rosa, rudachilka, and flor de azar - steeped in water.

The Chulla Chaka ceremony honours Pachamama (mother earth). There are four rounds, called "doors", during which participants sit inside and bathe in steam, with the opportunity to head outside for a dip in the cold plunge to refresh between each.

The Wacsichiy ceremony, performed with gratitude, is a simpler steam sauna.

Outdoor Covered Platform

The beautiful covered platform with wooden flooring is a beautiful multi-purpose outdoor space with views of the waterfall. There is a plumbed sink and gas fittings for outdoor cooktops along the back wall.

Chakana Fire Pit

In the terraced area above the produce gardens is a beuaitfully-crafted stone fire pit in the heart of a chakana. This is a wonderful spot for nighttime gatherings around the fire. The chakana, seen throughout Incan architecture, has a circle in the center and three steps on each of the four sides. Each step is generally thought to represent each of  the three worlds in the Incan belief system: Uqhu Pacha (underworld), Kay Pacha (middle world), and Hanan Pacha (upper world).

Tea House

This bright, open building was originally designed as a tea house, complete with refrigerator/freezers, sink and extensive cupboards for storage. It has a large covered balcony with views looking over the property and up to the waterfall. The toilet and shower room are convenient to the cold plunge and sweat lodge just outside the door.

Laundry & Storage

The extensive, secured laundry and storage buildings include separate locking rooms containing linens, towels, bedding and other supplies to operate the property as an edge-of-luxury retreat center.  There are several industrial-sized washing machines capable of handling the daily laundry demands of a fully-booked retreat. Freshly washed laundry dies quickly on the extensive lines in the atrium behind the buildings - even during the rainy season.

The adjacent building houses the property manager's office and the storage and maintenance area for all operational needs.

Vivero & Compost

Adjacent to the laundry atrium is the vivero which acted as the nursery for the many thousands of plants that adorn the property. The plants are cultivated from seed or propagated from existing plants and raised in the vivero until they reach planting age.

Beside the vivero is the compost heap, where all appropriate kitchen and garden organic matter is recycled for use in the gardens.

Covered Parking

The covered parking area can accommodate several vehicles and provides convenient sheltered storage for landscaping supplies.

Square stone cold plunge with water at The Source Peru retreat center
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