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Close up of clay platter with food

Food & Dining

One of the many things that our retreat guests rave about is the food here at The Source.

Guests enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals daily in our large dining area in the lower level of the lodge. Meals are prepared in the industrial open kitchen by our talented chefs according to guests' dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, sensitivities, etc) and using locally sourced organic produce including many offerings from our own vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We have an extensive array of wonderful menu items that can accommodate virtually any diet, including raw foods.

Breakfast is offered buffet-style with fresh juices, nut milks, fruit salad, gluten-free granola, homemade bread, guacamole and/or almond cheese, sliced tomatoes with olives, and fresh eggs to order.

Both lunch and dinner are presented as scrumptious and filling three-course meals with an option to add dessert. Some groups request meals “to go” when they head out for day-long adventures and of course we are more than happy to pack eco-friendly brown bag meals with a variety of nutritious and easily transportable foods.

We offer all retreat groups the option to incorporate a Pachamanca (earth oven) dinner, which is a traditional Andean style of preparing food. A large, heated rocks are positioned in a hole in the ground and the food – usually various forms of potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, chicken and fish – is placed on top and covered to create a natural oven. Once the food is ready, it is served buffet style with a number of dipping sauces and a variety of salads. This is hands-down one of our guests’ favorite meals!

Outside of meal times a variety of self-serve fruits, teas and purified water are always available throughout your stay.

Looking from outside toward windows of main dining area at The Source Peru retreat center windows vines tables chairs
Bowls of food on table clay bowl with native peruvian fruit
Table set for dinner with plates of food, glasses and cutlery
Hand placing plate of food on table set for dining
Close up of platter with cucumber rolls lettuce and orange edible flowers
Overhead view of bowl with mixed nuts and rosemary sitting on peruvian textile
Bowl of rice pudding on textile with purple corn and cinnamon sticks
Serving platter with stuffed mushroom caps and basil leaves
Ceramic plate with beetroot salad and stuffed potatoes
Wavy clay serving platter with mexed vegetables and stuffed rolled chicken breast
Serving plate with homemade sweet potato chips around dish of salsa
Dinner plate wtih green salad and Peruvian causa
Three bowls of pumpkin stew on risotto with edible flowers on top
Bowl of choclo and red pepper salad sitting on peruvian textile
Three small glass serving dishes with scoops of ice cream mint and edible flowers
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