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About the Center

We are located in a beautiful, private and off-the-beaten-path spot in the Sacred Valley. The outdoor space is carefully laid out to provide quiet areas to immerse yourself in nature, meditation or personal practices. Yoga and meditation sessions can be held outside on the lush lawn amid the cascading water features that flow throughout the property. The water features are fed by the 100ft Sirenachayocc waterfall and wind their way around the chakana, temazcal, temple, main lodge and guest rooms from the top of the property to the bottom, before returning to the river below. As par of its journey, the fresh mountain water fills a large cold plunge pool located outside the temazcal. Within the property boundaries you will find countless bountiful flower, vegetable, cactus and medicinal gardens to explore, along with fruit trees and aromatic eucalyptus trees. Intoxicating Jasmine flowers wind their way around railings and entryways to all of the buildings.

Source Peru is ideally equipped to host retreat groups from all walks of life. Our private location nestled in nature provides the perfect backdrop for your group to dive in and focus on your objectives for the duration of your stay. We take care of all the details so that you can fully immerse in your program and make the most of your retreat. When you book a retreat with us, you are booking the entire retreat center for your group, which means that you have exclusive access to the lodge, grounds, yoga space and our wonderful staff for the duration of your stay.

The Source Peru staff is the lifeblood of the center. Each of the local Peruano employees is part of the Source Peru family and approaches his or her work with such dedication and love that the pure energy from them is palpable here. From the first contact by email to the first smile or hug when you arrive on site, our crew makes you and your experience with us priority number one. We have from to 10-20 people on the grounds working together to support you during your retreat, and each one is as valuable and important as the last. Whether it’s providing nourishing food, keeping your living space clean, or nurturing the landscape and environment in which we are situated, our crew delivers straight from the heart.

Whether your focus is meditation, yoga, writing, journeying, fitness, team building, or a corporate getaway mind-meld, the Source Peru team is here to support you in every way. Each member of the Source Peru family thinks of this space as home and is ready to attend to all of your needs so that you can drop deep into the self-discovery, personal healing, and exploration that you’ve come here to do.

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