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The Source Peru temple with waterfall and mountains

The Gardens

Lovingly cultivated over more than a decade, the bountiful terraced gardens at Source Peru offer endless nooks and secret spots to meditate, read or quietly sit with nature. At any place within the grounds you're surrounded by greenery - wildflowers, jasmine, cacti, lavender, rosebushes, shrubs, angel trumpets, eucalyptus trees and fruit trees. 

Each area has been thoughtfully designed with waterfalls, statues, shade, pathways, benches, and grassy areas for outdoor activities like yoga, classes, meditation, or simply connecting with the earth. The gardens have drawn countless birds, bees and wildlife - an indication of our careful, balanced approach to cultivating the land.

On the upper part of the property you'll find our terraced produce gardens bursting with various greens and veggies to nourish our guests.

Gardens overview_edited.jpg
The Source Peru lavender garden
The Source Peru flower garden with mountain backdrop
yellow flowers in succulent garden
The Source Peru orchard and garden view
The Source Peru flower garden
rows of produce in a garden
Lettuce chard and leafy vegetables in garden
lettuces and vegetables in a garden
Succulent garden in the mountains
wooden bridges in a garden
succulents in a garden
The Source Peru terraced garden with purple flowers
The Source Peru shaded seating area with brass buddha statue
Succulents and metal hoop in garden
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