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Our Yoga Space


This very special space is the crowning jewel on the grounds.

It was carefully designed with elements of sacred geometry, the four elements and directions, and various archetypes and deities. The space contains more than 1000lbs of varying types of crystals embedded in the ceiling, walls and floor.

This large, magical space can accommodate more than 60 mats and features climate control through radiant heating.

The temple store room is generously stocked with foam and fabric yoga mats, wooden blocks, fabric straps, eye pillows and medium-sized bolsters to augment your yoga practice. We also have an abundance of thick padded mats, pillows and both wool and poly blankets available.

In addition, there is a beautifully finished bathroom with five toilet stalls and a hot water shower.

The beautiful inlaid wood flooring is designed based on sacred geometry.


The flower of life symbol is portrayed in the center of the room. A dark, six-pointed star fractals out from it.

A light, six-pointed star fractals out from that one.


A circle encompasses the entire floor.


Crystals embedded beneath the floor trace the flower of life and six-pointed star layout above.

The ceiling is constructed using the same sacred geometry and acts as a mirror reflecting the design on the floor. 


There is a dark star situated exactly beneath the glass skylight in the roof, which is a hexagon.


And when you connect every other corner of a hexagon the resulting shape is a six-pointed star.


As above, so below.


The metal frame suspended beneath the skylight is a single 'seed' from the flower of life symbol inlaid in the floor below.


Suspended in the center of the metal seed is a 35lb double-terminated quartz crystal with a rose quartz seated on top.


Their twins are buried directly beneath the floor below.

Depending on where you sit or stand in the space, the view through the gigantic skylight is either of the 100ft waterfall or the majestic Apus (mountains) that quietly stand guard over the property.

On a clear night the moon and stars shine brightly through the enormous skylight and cast beautiful beams of light across the room.

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